Flexing my linguistic muscles

Today, my colleague introduced me to a new app Duolingo. It teaches you a new language through a whole series of exercises. You need to recognise new nouns, translate simple sentences and even speak into the microphone to check if your pronunciation is up to par. It’s pretty fun and kinda addictive. Since Frank was rehearsal, I decided to spend my alone time with my new Duolingo teacher (it’s a cute little green bird) and attempted to get acquainted with some Italiano. 

After a good 20-30 mins into it, I realised that I kept getting the same few words mixed up and I was repeating the same mistakes. Omgosh, I used to pick these things up much quicker than this. What is going on! And suddenly, I got reminded of how my mother always uses her age as an excuse for not being able to learn something new. I realised that if I stop using my flexing linguistic muscles, I will soon forget them and will have to use the same excuse! ahh!

So… here is my attempt to revive some writing in my life. I remember that I used to find blogging theraputic. Let’s see how long i can keep this up. And I can’t believe I actually created this WordPress back in 2009 and abandoned it after just one post! Tsk tsk.


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