4 Amazing Characteristics Of Heart Of God Church Youths


Most of the youths are not rich, we don’t have the 5 Cs (Cash, Car, Credit Card, Condominium or Country Clubs)

However, the amazing thing about youths in Heart Of God Church is that we have these 4 Cs.

1. Creativity.

To many adults, cash can solve most issues. From small issues like who to fix the bulb at home, to large issues like buying houses and much more. Working adults have grown to use cash as their first resort to solve most issues in life. Some even use cash to solve relationship issues, or even deeper issues like insecurity or purposelessness.

On the other hand, youths don’t have much cash! We receive monthly allowances that only satisfy our hunger, transportation and the occasional Starbucks Coffee when we study (haha…) With that, cash is not our first solution to most problems. What we have is creativity, we are resourceful with what…

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What a time to be alive!

It was really a Goood Friday. I was at church sitting in service and was so overwhelmed with all that was going on. It was just last week that our nation’s founding father, Mr Lee, had passed on. So there was a special segment in service dedicated to pay tribute to him. One of our church member shared on stage of how he experienced great social mobility — a mischievous neighbourhood boy, he used to get into fights and disciplinary issues at school; but he managed to grow up well, making it into university and even became a BG in the military. His parents held low paying jobs but was somehow able to put him and all his siblings through university. Indeed, how blessed and fortunate we are to be in Singapore. We may not be perfect, but there is much to be thankful for.

My eyes welled up with tears as the tribute video played. My gosh, I really couldn’t help it. This man, is quite a hero to me. Not just because of all that he has achieved, but more so for being so resolute in making the most out of his life and that courageous pioneering spirit. Respect.

I remember looking around the congregation, I saw old ah mas, auntie and uncles, young families, youths, Singaporeans and others who have grown to call this place their home… this year’s theme for Easter in church is “ALIVE” and indeed, what a great and significant time to be alive. To witness this pivotal time in history, to watch dreams coming to pass in the House of God, to fight alongside friends and family in their struggles and to celebrate together when triumph finally arrives. This is what it means to be ALIVE! To be living and not just being.

After service, some of us went to eat mookata. Woohoo! We ate and talked and laughed and ate some more. Met many new people and that’s always a nice thing. So after the epic meal, I kinda thought the night would come to an end. But noooo, I was so wrong.

“Let’s go kite flying at East Coast!”
“Are you serious?”
“Yaya, let’s do it!”
“Woah! Ok onz! Come come.”

haha oh my gosh, I couldn’t believe what was happening! After quite a bit of excited chatter, and googling (we were looking where to get kites), we really found ourselves at East Coast Park! At 9ish at night, the whole bunch of mookata smelling twenty somethings gathered at ECP and ended up renting family style 6-seater bicycles (because we couldn’t find kites) for our spur-of-the-moment adventure. There must be at least 20-25 of us and nobody was appropriately dressed for this. Some of us were in skirts, jeans, shirts… but you know, YOLO. 😛 We screamed, perspired and raced each other all the way to the jetty. We even stopped at the beach to just enjoy the sea breeze and take some nice photos. Oh, and the LKY commemorative sand sculpture was there too! What a spontaneous night of fun it was.

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Honestly, this is the good stuff – being alive, enjoying the company of great friends, doing the life together, making memories that we will laugh about when we tell our children. LOL. Thankful to have such a great bunch of friends who enjoy good clean fun together. Here’s to more adventures! 🙂

Flexing my linguistic muscles

Today, my colleague introduced me to a new app Duolingo. It teaches you a new language through a whole series of exercises. You need to recognise new nouns, translate simple sentences and even speak into the microphone to check if your pronunciation is up to par. It’s pretty fun and kinda addictive. Since Frank was rehearsal, I decided to spend my alone time with my new Duolingo teacher (it’s a cute little green bird) and attempted to get acquainted with some Italiano. 

After a good 20-30 mins into it, I realised that I kept getting the same few words mixed up and I was repeating the same mistakes. Omgosh, I used to pick these things up much quicker than this. What is going on! And suddenly, I got reminded of how my mother always uses her age as an excuse for not being able to learn something new. I realised that if I stop using my flexing linguistic muscles, I will soon forget them and will have to use the same excuse! ahh!

So… here is my attempt to revive some writing in my life. I remember that I used to find blogging theraputic. Let’s see how long i can keep this up. And I can’t believe I actually created this WordPress back in 2009 and abandoned it after just one post! Tsk tsk.

Hello world!

Just thought it would be interesting to move to wordpress and check out for myself what is all the rage about.
I wonder if blogging will ever go out of style.. ha! Well, so here goes nothing!

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